11 best players of PSG team in the XXI century: Bernard Lama, Carlos Bianchi and other great participants

Kevin Trapp

Of course, Salvatore Sirigu is a great goalkeeper and just a good person who can play an important role in the locker room. But with the acquisition of Trapp Paris received a goalkeeper of a completely different level. A goalkeeper of a new school who plays well with his feet is a requirement for any team with a claim to the top. Surely you remember him as the author of three epic blunders: one, two, three. Then even Parisian fans laughed at Trapps, but that’s all to blame for him. Having settled in the capital, he quickly took away the post of the first issue from Sirigu and spent an outstanding season. Kevin, by the way, set the club record with the lowest number of goals conceded in one season: 19.

With the arrival of Unai Emery, Trapp’s place was subjected to serious competition: the Spaniard for some time preferred to bet on Alphonse Areol. But the young Franco-Filipino has not yet come close to the level of Trapp, who demonstrates an even better penetration factor: 0.44 missed goals on average per game! This is 0.1 better than last year’s record.

Serge Ohrie

If we discard all the near-football stories, then Serge is one of the best players in Europe in his position. You need to look for such a cool and versatile lateral. Aurier succeeds in both attacking and defending, while making almost no mistakes. Every third match Ivorian commits productive action. Perhaps Laurent Blanc can be understood for his mild reaction to Orier’s trick in his address: he had no choice. Losing such a defender is an unforgivable luxury.

Thiago Silva

Tiago – the dream of any coach. If someone did not confess this, then either he does not understand something, or he is simply afraid to voice thoughts out loud. The Brazilian passed in the status of almost the best defender of Serie A, while his transfer remained in the shadow, because in Paris he arrived at the same time as Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself. However, it was Silva who became the captain of PSG.

O Monstro, so he was called in his homeland. His appearance is not the most frightening. Joey Barton once called him a transvestite, but Joey himself forgot to mention that, next to the defender of the Brazilian national team, he was just a schoolboy who was brought up for training by professionals. Tiago Silva is not just a real pro. For many, he is the standard of a modern central defender, who is strong in duels, and he can start an attack, and he can pledge and even lead the entire defense.

If you see how the current defense of Parisians is mistaken, then by one hundred percent, Tiago Silva ran to wipe out someone’s joint. He himself is so perfect that it is difficult to remember his mistake right away. The Brazilian is the living personification of Paris. And he is transformed into important matches. Think of his exploits in the Champions League against Chelsea, where his goal brings the way to the next round. When things do not go, expect help from him. And when things go, you can rely on him: he will not allow mistakes.

Gabriel Heinze

The first player on this list who played for PSG before it became mainstream. Gaby came to Paris under circumstances similar to Tiago Silva: he was not given as much value as Ronaldinho bought in parallel. Heinze found his idol Mauricio Pochettino in the French capital, next to whom he had progressed with leaps and bounds. “Parc des Princes” immediately appreciated Heinze’s passion and dedication. His tackles were spectacular, and every single combat with his participation wanted to watch again and again. In Paris, he acted still in the center of defense, although he had already tried himself on the left side, where he eventually revealed himself in all its glory.

On the edge of the Argentine finally passed already under Wahid Khalilhodziche, who for this even refused to sell it to Barcelona. No wonder, because later Heinze will be one of the heroes of the successful season 2003/2004, when PSG became the vice-champion and won the French Cup. Gaby helped Paris achieve solid accomplishments. Here he was just starting his way up, but Paris will not forget it. And even the further transition to Marseille cannot disprove the obvious: in the first half of the 2000s, Heinze was incredibly cool.

Juan Pablo Sorin

On the left edge of the defense there were enough candidates and better, the same Maxwell fully deserved impeccable behavior and bright game. In their own years. But there was a player who surpassed both Maxwell and even Leivin Kurzav, who seems to be the benchmark of his position. Juan Pablo Sorin played not so much because of how much despite. With Vahid Khalilhodzhich he did not get along at all, but the Argentinian with a memorable hairstyle still became a real talisman of the team. The Parisians have not lost any game of the season, when Sorin went on the field. Moreover, Marseille “Olympic” was thrown out of the triumphal French Cup with his own forces at the stage of the 1 / 16th finals. Sorin spent only 9 months in Paris, but it was gorgeous 9 months. But all this was before the arrival of Qatar.

Thiago Motta

Fans of Claude Makelele will now get a machete from under the beds and run in the commentary to quarter me, but I will not change my choice. I am convinced that if Claude was now in his prime, Thiago Motta would have eaten him anyway, as he did with all the competitors. Grzegorzhy Kryhovyak seemed to be guaranteed a place at the base of Emery, but where is the Polish destroyer today? Clement Chante, Mathieu Bodmer, Mohamed Sissoko, Benjamin Istanbul – their photos are now hanging in a trophy room of a Brazilian Italian. Motta was involved in the departure of Joan Kabay. An ideal destroyer, a brilliant provocateur and chief designer of the game in a shallow pass. Without him, imagine the perfect PSG is simply impossible.

Marco Verratti

It so happened that I first heard about this Italian from a Frenchman in New York. Difficult scheme, but if short, then my interlocutor was crazy about this transfer and advised to look at this football player. I had a ticket for the closest match of the American tour PSG – Chelsea. And there I saw him for the first time. How beautiful he was! The guy came from a modest “Pescara”, and with the ball turned like Xavi or Iniesta. Even then it was clear that Paris won the jackpot, because there was never anyone like that in the club. Over the years, Marco only gained experience and learned to foul less, but style and elegance have not gone away. Even began to receive yellow cards with style.

Verratti was criticized by his coaches for risky strokes near his own goal, to which he replied with a hint of annoyance: “I hate it when a player mindlessly moves the ball forward. It may be less risky, but this is not my style. I prefer to either get out of the pressure on their own, or give the ball to the nearest partner. I can be scolded for this as much as necessary, but I will never change.”

Blaise Matuidi

Matuidi is the only player bought before the arrival of the Qataris who still plays. Every year various rumors send him to England, now to Italy, then God knows where else, but Blaise is still in the ranks and plowing for three. His angular technique is misleading, and his performance is composed of songs. Literally. Today, things are shaping up so that the old Blaise will soon be supplanted by Adrian Rabio, to whom Unai Emery openly reads a great future. But for the time being, Matuidi continues to link defense with attack and exhaust the opponent in the corporate style. He is close to the mark of 300 matches for Paris Saint-Germain.

Angel Di Maria

Having bought it in the summer of 2015, PSG made a serious bid. The record transfer, which blocked Edinson Cavani’s half-million crossing, made the Parisian attack an elite one. Radio-controlled canopies, filigree shooting, strikes with a fascinating trajectory – such a football player to Paris was needed. And if it were not for a misfire in the quarterfinals against Manchester City, everyone would now admire the Argentine, because last season was his renaissance. Yes, Di Maria threw the first round of the current season in terms of efficiency, but this is due to the fact that the winger is trying to understand the new principles of the game. Angel’s recent fire game against Bordeaux in the League Cup hints: he will be fine with everything. It is simply impossible to remember someone who would have looked better than Di Maria on the right wing of the attack in the 21st century. If you want to argue, I am waiting for you in the comments.


It’s a paradox, but for 6 years the Qataris haven’t found a truly top left winger. In this position Edinson Cavani was forced to act, but out of respect for him, we give the Uruguayan time to become the best center forward of PSG in this century. In the meantime, the place goes to someone who dragged the club in times of crisis at the turn of the 2000s and 2010s. Nene almost single-handedly led the attack of the Parisians. Without it, Mevlut Erdinch would be a passive figure in the attack, cut off from the whole game. Without it, Paris, perhaps, would have even collapsed in league 2. Brazilian performance in an environment where the owners tried to shove the club, simply amazed. 48 goals and 46 assists in 112 matches made Nene a must-have choice of any player in fantasy league 1 of those times. For the safety of “Paris Saint-Germain,” the new owners should thank Nene. However, they already thanked him, giving him a few extra years in Paris.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

No matter how hard you try, but Paulet will not come here in any way. Zlatan dismissed all the questions with his game. A mercenary who played for everyone in a row was delayed in Paris for four years. During this time, he collected all the collectible dishes at the national level, made him groan in amazement at the beauty of his head, beat a pile of records and even become the top scorer in the club’s history. Ibrahimovic can not be loved for his arrogant statements, but I want to believe that this is all trolling and flirting with the public. This is a fantastic striker. His one appearance on the field made the knees of the defenders of the opposing team shake from fear. Many at his sight seemed to be speechless, since the space player was a Swede in the French championship. “What do I miss in Paris? According to his last salary, ”said Zlatan once. Let it be so, but PSG in the 21st century has not yet been able to find anyone better.

News: the best young player in the world recognized the striker PSG and the French team

The France Football Golden Ball award ceremony took place in Paris. The best footballer of the world in 2018 was the midfielder of Real Madrid and the Croatian national team Luka Modric. But the award for the best young player in the world, the Cop Kop-2018 Trophy, remains in France. She received the PSG forward and the French team Kilian Mbappé. “Last year I took the 7th place, and this was in the top 5. But I think that other players deserved the award more than me,” Kilian Mbappa said modestly at the ceremony. The 19-year-old Frenchman took the 4th place in the voting and became the youngest player in the top 5 since Michael Owen. This year, the 19-year-old Mbappa in PSG won the Ligue 1, the French Cup and the French League Cup, and together with the French team won the 2018 World Cup. Mbappe became the first winner of the Trophy Cop, which France Football presents to the best footballer under the age of 21. The trophy was named after the famous French football player Raymond Kop.

Edinson Cavani was the best scorer in the history of PSG

Uruguayan scored 157 goals for the Paris club. Forward Edinson Cavani topped the list of top scorers in the history of Paris Saint-Germain. The Uruguayan striker opened the scoring in the 23rd round of the French championship against Montpellier, which allowed him to bypass Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the top scorer list. Recall that Cavani has been protecting the colors of Paris Saint-Germain since 2013. In the 2016–17 season, the Uruguayan became the best scorer of Ligue 1, was recognized as its best player, as well as the best legionnaire of 2017. Top scorers in the history of Paris Saint-Germain:

  • 157 – Edinson Cavani
  • 156 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • 109 – Paulet
  • 100 – Dominic Roshto
  • 98 – Mutafa Dahleb

Recall that in September, Edison Cavani became the leader of “PSG” by goals in European competition in the history of the Paris club.By the way, the 31-year-old Uruguayan Edinson Cavani, who in 2013 moved to PSG from Napoli for € 64 million, received the prestigious Golden Foot award, annually awarded to players over 28 years of age for the high sporting achievements achieved in the team and personally. By tradition, the forward will leave its footprints on the Champions Alley, located on the waterfront in Monaco. In a duel of the second round of the Champions League group stage, PSG forward scored his 30th goal in the competition

PSG in the home arena had no problems with the Red Star, winning with a score of 6: 1. Half of the goals of his team designed Neymar, who performed two amazing blows from the standards and responded to the effective transfer of Kilian Mbabpe. These were the first goals of the Parisian leader in the current Champions League. In total, for 49 matches in the tournament, the Brazilian has 30 successful strikes. For Barcelona, he scored 21 goals in 40 matches, and for PSG – nine in nine.

In the 2014/15 season, Neymar shared the title of top scorer of the tournament with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, having distinguished himself 10 times. At the same time, the attacker is the first and so far the only time triumphant in the Champions League.

Neymar scored 14 out of 30 goals in the main European Cup with his right foot, seven with his left, and one with his head. Five times the star scorer was different from the penalty, twice – from the penalty spot. Another ball forward issued after the rebound.

Hat-trick into the gates of the Red Star became for him the second in the Champions League, as the pupil of Santos has in the asset five doubles. Most often, the striker upset PSG and Celtic – seven times. He painted Neymar at the gates of Bavaria (4), Anderlecht (2), BATE (2), Atletico (1), Juventus (1), Ajax (1), Arsenal (1), ManSiti (1).

Neymar in the overall ranking of snipers in the Champions League is only 21st. The immediate goal for the Brazilian is Sergio Aguero, who has 32 successful hits in the tournament. However, the Argentinean drive in is unlikely to simply give up his position to a young colleague.