• Goals: Mbappé 65, Draxler 90 + 5 Marseille: Mandanda, Camara, Rami, Amavi, Gustavo, Payet, Strootman, Sanson (Radonych 73), Tovin (Germain 72), Sarr, Ocampos (Mitroglu 85)
  • Trainer: Rudi Garcia PSG: Areola, Meunier, Kerer, Marquinhos, Bernat, Verratti, Draxler, Di Maria (Rabio 79), Nsoki, Neymar, Choupo-Moting (Mbappé 62)
  • Trainer: Tomas Tukhel Warned: Ocampos 81, Strootman 86, Amavi 90 + 1, Gustavo 90 + 2 – Kerer 43, Di Maria 52

17th century French folklore Once in France, there was a joke that Provence had three misfortunes: Mistral, the cold north-westerly wind that blows the Mediterranean coast in the spring, merciless to peasant labor; the inflow of the Rhone Durance, with its floods and frequent changes of the channel, which finished off what survived after Mistral, and the local parliament — no comment is necessary here.

In the 21st century, Paris Saint-Germain can be safely added to these three scourges. “Marcel”, the pride of Provence, again failed to beat PSG; again “Phocians” are defeated in Clasico! And it seems that Garcia was doing everything right, but only the Parisians had a powerful trump card in reserve, while the owners had all the cards on the table. Thomas Tukhel, deprived of injuries Cavani and Thiago Silva, added surprises of his own production to the starting lineup of PSG. First, Killian Mbappé was left on the bench, failing the game with “Napoli” (his time will strike after the break), and Eric Choupo-Moting showed up on the edge. Secondly, the undisputed player of the base from the beginning of the season, Adrienne Rabio, in the center of the field was replaced by Julian Draxler. And all this was presented in the form of 3-4-2-1 (or 3-5-1-1, as the French TV reporters drew the PSG scheme). The maximum saturation of the middle line is a consequence of the lesson Ancelotti taught Tuhely.

The German specialist rightly reasoned that Rudi Garcia would adopt Napoli tactics, and he was right. “Marcel” was built in 4-3-3, and the mentor of Provençale decided to abandon the pronounced tip of the attacks, leaving both Mitroglu and Germain in reserve. Any of the Payet-Ocampos-Toven trio has a set of qualities (speed, dribbling and the ability to solve the episode alone), which are necessary for successfully conducting counterplay. The remaining 7 field players had, first of all, to provide a reliable barrier, and only then to participate situationally in the creation. Not really “Napoli”, but very close to this sample. And in the first half, García’s plan worked almost perfectly: “Marcel” only slightly lost to the guests in possession, just slightly lost in the number and quality of programs did not yield in blows and even surpassed in angular ones. As for the moments, PSG had only one real chance to score. Already in compensated time, Di Maria forced Mandanda to capitulate, but on the goal line goalkeeper insured Kevin Strootman.

The only time kick for the target in the performance of Marseille belongs to the authorship of Ocampos. The situation looked quite dangerous when Lukas closed the inning from the corner, but the Areola in the jump reached for the ball and tightly fixed it. The second half also began with sharpness at the gates of Mandanda – this time Stev himself dealt with the difficult blow of the same Angel Di Maria. Opponents maintained a high pace, taken from the first minutes of the game, but soon Garcia’s wards began to show signs of fatigue – yet the Provençals had one less day to rest. Already Neymar allowed tricking in the penalty area. Fortunately after hitting the Brazilian, the ball missed the far post. No, the disaster has not yet smelled, especially as the Fokeyans themselves continued to keep the PSG defense in tension, including with the help of the “standards” – Piyet spun from the penalty area under the crossbar, and pulled out Areola.

But then Tukhel went with a trump card – fresh Killian Mbappa entered the game, and almost immediately on the scoreboard the unit “caught fire”. It is curious that on the counterattack played “Marseille”, and it was PSG who scored in this manner. Interception on another side of the field, Di Maria notices a mbble of Mbapp, a pass to an open space is a goal. Kamara just physically did not have time for his opponent, and Mandanda, of course, could do little in that situation, although he played very badly. This was the verdict to “Marcel”, which the rest of the forces spent on the unsuccessful storming of the gates of the Areola and missed the check. The guests played the counterattack as if by notes: Mbappa – at Neymar, he rolls along the gate, and Draxler cuts a ball into the net from an acute angle in a subcategory. PSG repeated the incredible record “Tottenham” (in the five leading leagues of Europe), giving a series of 11 victories at the start of the championship, and it is unlikely to stop there. We also celebrate the 10th goal of the season, Mbappa, who retains leadership in the dispute between the League 1 scorers.

Forecasts and concerns before the upcoming match

But really: did Thomas Tukhel have been blown away from the innumerable treasures of his new club and dizzying successes in the country of the Lilliputians? A young but already recognized tactician, a German specialist, completely lost the coaching duel of Ancelotti and his “Napoli” on Wednesday, avoiding the worst scenario solely due to the accident that came down from heaven as a goal to Di Maria (2: 2). Tuhel liked so much to tear everyone in Ligue 1 (and the Red Star at the same time) with four forwards at the base — Neymar, Cavani, Mbappa, Di Maria — that he decided to go on an adventure too. No, with Mr. such numbers do not roll. If we recall the recent duel against Lyon (5: 0), then PSG had problems during the good hour of the game, although in the end it took its toll. Yes, and in some other matches, the Parisians had difficulties, missing optional goals or unsuccessfully storming the opponent’s fortress to a certain point.

And fear – PSG in France are afraid to tremble at the knees that is sometimes make stupid mistakes. See also: Championship of France. “Marseille” – PSG. Live Broadcast In general, on the eve of Clasico, the Parisian Gulliver allowed to doubt his infinite power and gave hope to the most optimistic fans of “Marcel”. But, in fact, Marseille “Olympic” itself is in such a deplorable state that only the Clasico magic and the miracle can save the “Fokeyans” from the next fiasco. “I am looking forward to Clasico. This is a wonderful match that will take place on a beautiful stadium. We know that it’s always difficult for Paris to play in Marseille. This will be a big problem for us. We are well prepared for this match and our goal is to win. We decided to go to Marseilles on match day, to keep you in good spirits, but our team has a lot of excitement.”

At the same time, the Provençal players repeatedly fail in matches with direct competitors: 2: 4 in Lyon and 0: 3 in Lille. “Marcel” is experiencing difficulties, fighting with rivals equal to themselves, which emphasize and not good luck in European competition. There were home defeats from “Eintracht” (1: 2) and fresh from “Lazio” (1: 3) and only a draw in Cyprus against “Apollo” (2: 2). In such circumstances, only optimistic optimists can hope for success.

Approximate compositions before the match

Marcel’s top scorer that season (7 goals in Ligue 1), Florian Toven – it was García Clasico’s only hope, but he was not in the best physical condition and, in general, could have missed the fight due to Achilles problems knocked forward out of the game for two team matches. Luis Gustavo and Lukas Ocampos return after disqualification, so Garcia has more options to make a central hinge and build an attack line. Roland is close to returning, but the match against PSG is, in any case, not the case.

Application of Marcel: Pele, Mandanda – Sakai, Chaleta-Tsar, B. Sarr, Amavi, Rami, Gubochan – B. Kamara, Radonych, Sanson, Strootman, Gustavo, M. Lopez – Ocampos, Payet, Mitroglu, Nji, Toven , Germain PSG also has losses. “Thiago Silva will not be ready for Clasico. The rest of the group is fully preparing for the fight. I think Adrien Rabio and Angel Di Maria, despite some problems, will be able to play,” said Tuchel before it became known that the match in total, Edinson Cavani will miss. According to Le Parisien, Uruguayan striker Paris Saint-Germain injured his thigh on Friday during a workout and was replaced by Julian Draxler in the 4-2-3-1 scheme – the German went to the flank, and Killian Mbappé began playing center forward. This format will obviously be in Clasico. Considering Kimpembe’s disqualification and Thiago Silva’s injury, Tilo Kerer will also get a chance.