The French are not only well versed in the vagaries of fashion and create world-famous flavors, but also play football with dignity. Of course, she is far from Brazil, but France is one of two countries whose national team has won international tournaments twice in a row. And the first goal at the first world championship was also scored by the “tricolor” – this is the unofficial name of the French players.

Interesting facts about French football

The player has become a fan. The French are emotional people. In a town in southern France, there was a football match. One of the players made a strong word to the judge, for which he was expelled from the field. A few minutes later the judge heard a familiar voice from the side of the podium. Now the player was in «civilian» and absolutely not shies in expressions. “Judge the soap!” Was one of the most polite? The judge wanted to resort to the help of a policeman, but he only shrugged his shoulders: “What is not allowed to the player is allowed to the fan, monsieur. Otherwise, half of the stadium will have to withdraw!”

But the former coach of the French national football team, Mr. Domenech, received the nickname “astrologer”. People who did not share his passion for astrology, added to this word the epithet “lousy”. The fact is that Raymond Domenech estimated not only the athletic qualities of the players, but also took into account their zodiac sign. Most of all, he sympathized with the lions, considering that they make the best defenders. But scorpions, in his opinion, have nothing to do at international tournaments. Under his leadership, the team played ambiguously – it suffered an unreasonable defeat, then won a loud victory. But after the French national football team failed in Euro-2008, losing to Italy and Holland, the whole country turned against him with criticism. In 2010, at the World Championships, the national team failed to even quit the group, and Domenech was fired. He was replaced by the head coach of the Paris Saint-Germain club Laurent Blanc, who spent two years in this position. And since 2012, the head coach of the national team is Didier Deschamps, whose coaching career began with the club Monaco.

Since 1904, the country is a member of FIFA, since 1954 it has been a member of UEFA. France twice hosted the final tournament of the World Cup. The legendary players of the national team Zinedine Zidane and Michel Platini are known to the whole world, as are the most successful French teams. Here are some famous football clubs in France, thanks to which it is considered one of the football powers. For example, we can speak about Football Club PSG. At the French championships, it became the winner five times, and in 2011 they received the title of the richest club in the world – after they sold 70% of the shares.

Birthday of the bourgeoisie, or how did PSG appear?

August 12, celebrated the 47th birthday of the football club Paris Saint-Germain. Now it is – an international grand, world record holder for transfers and all that jazz. But then, in 1970, everything looked a little different. By 1970, a paradoxical situation developed in French football. The national championship was won by anyone, but not the Parisians. The only victory of the capital club was dated 1936 – when the legendary “Racing” finished first with a star international team that, in principle, can be compared with the current PSG team. And that’s all. In the 60s, “Racing” was again agitated, twice ranked second, but in the middle of the decade fell into insignificance and flew out of League 1. After that, there were no Paris representatives in the top division. And this made French football unique in its own way. Only here this uniqueness did not please the Parisians themselves and did not suit them. Against fate, which punished football Paris for something, a group of powerful people decided to fight. The main enthusiast was businessman Guy Kressan, the head of the Calberson transport corporation. From the birth of a patient with poliomyelitis, he was able to walk with the help of special exercises, but he took the first step only at the age of 12, and since then he has daily defeated his defective body, leading a full life. By nature hyperactive, he constantly participated in various public actions. The revival of Parisian football is one of the most significant.

Pierre-Etienne Guyot (ex-vice-president of Racing), and Fernand Sastre (general secretary of the French Football Federation) became his partners in this case. The Paris Revival as a special project was discussed at the same meeting of the FFF. December 1, 1969 was founded the football club “Paris”. On February 1, 1970, the popular Europe station 1 radio host Pierre Bellemar threw the historical phrase on the air: “Football is dying in Paris, so let’s revive it!” The initial idea was to make everything beautiful and clean, on the emotional ascent of many thousands of people who would like to see a strong football club. Enthusiasm really was. The idea of ​​Cressan was supported by 66,000 Parisians – such were the results of the special action held in the summer of 1969. French pop stars Mireille Mathieu and Sasha Distel supported the project. That is, the background was created rich. But the real “stuffing” of FC “Paris” did not have, remaining a virtual club without a stadium, without players, coaches – nothing at all.

Gradually, Guy Kressan began to realize that a football club is a far more business venture than it seems. He made several trips in order to familiarize himself with the practice of affairs in this area. He visited Madrid, where he was received by Santiago Bernabeu himself and explained the “social” model of Spanish clubs. He came to London, where he talked with the leaders of Arsenal and Chelsea. Perhaps at some point, Kressan felt despair over the globalization of the tasks ahead. One way or another, he did not retreat.

There was no easy way into professional football for FC Paris. And then a workaround was devised – a merger. Then in French football it was popular. The same “Racing”, being on the verge of bankruptcy, teamed up with the provincial “Sedan”, which allowed him to stay afloat (albeit in a more modest tournament status). For FC “Paris” found a similar partner – the club “Stud Saint-Germain”. The Club Saint-Germain existed since 1904, but never achieved anything and considered it even an achievement in the 1/16 finals of the French Cup. By the end of the 60s there was a lift, and as a result, the team rose from Division 3 to Division 2. Merging with these simpletons, the virtual FC “Paris” was able to immediately perform on the outskirts of Ligue 1 and as soon as possible rise to the elite of French football. The deal suited everyone – and it was made.

May 16, 1970 “Stud Saint-Germain” held the last match in its history, beating “Valenciennes” 2: 0. The last goal was scored by Udo Zembsky – a German amateur footballer who will not make it into the PSG team, but he will be delayed by another year in Paris to complete a design education. His life will not have more to do with our topic. After 4 days, on May 20, the FFF authorized the merger of “Paris” and “Saint-Germain”. According to the deal, the Stud Saint-Germain club was part of the project in its place in Division 2, and Paris provided the financial side of the deal. The colors of the main form were chosen red with blue (the colors of the flag of the city of Paris) plus white (the color of Saint-Germain t-shirts). On May 30, FFF officially announced the composition of Division 2 for the 1970/71 season. Among others, they called the football club Paris Saint-Germain. It was funny, because legally the club did not exist yet.

Nevertheless, he already “moved”, acquired players and conducted training. The first serious purchase, once shown the level of ambitions PSG, became Jean Djorkaeff – captain of the national team and “Marcel”, the father of the famous younger fans Jury Djorkaeff. The first training session under the guidance of Pierre Felipeon, Stud of Saint-Germain, was held on July 28th. The first friendly match PSG held August 1 against the “Keviyi” – and lost 1: 2. The first goal in the history of the club – on account of another recruit, bought from “Liege” Jean-Claude Bra.

And, finally, it is August 12 – the day that PSG considers its birthday, despite all that happened before. What happened on August 12th? On this day, the first president of the club, Pierre-Etienne Guillot, and his deputies Guy Cressay and Henri Patrell were inducted into the office. On the same day, the Metropolitan Police Department registered the change of the name of FC Paris to Paris Saint-Germain. New era of Parisian football began. PSG managed to do what was expected of him – on the move to go to League 1. Internal scandals, financial troubles followed, the best players ran from the club – and PSG, deprived of professional status, was dropped into Division 3. After 2 years, he returned to the “high society”, never to leave him. But before the first championship, there were still difficult 12 years.

Breaking news: PSG football club prepares cryptocurrency for fans

French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) announced its intention to create its own cryptocurrency Fan Token. As noted by the CoinTelegraph with reference to the press center of the team, the coins will be issued in partnership with the company Socios. In a statement, the press service states that the startup Socios will develop a special blockchain platform for operations with tokens that fans of the team can buy. PSG is on the list of European football giants and will be the first to release its own cryptocurrency.

Fan Token holders will be able to use coins to participate in various loyalty programs, as well as to vote on a number of issues (from choosing music at the home stadium to awarding the title of best player of the match, season, etc.). Mark Armstrong, one of the team’s partners, said: “Paris Saint-Germain” is determined to use the opportunities that digital currency can provide. This revolutionary technology will have a tremendous impact on the whole development strategy of the football club and its interaction with the fans. The exact date of issue of tokens is still unknown. Interest in digital currencies in the world of sports is growing rapidly. Many popular footballers take part in various cryptocurrency projects. And in Italy, for the virtual currency, Quantocoin bought the whole football team.

PSG head coach Unai Emery leaves the club

On Twitter, the French football club Paris Saint-Germain reported that during a press conference before a home match in the national championship, Unai Emery, head coach of the team, said he would leave the post at the end of the season. He said that he had already announced his decision to the team, with which he had spent “two wonderful seasons”. Emery thanked the club management, players and fans. Emery became the head coach of PSG after the club bought several expensive players, but failed to complete the tasks in the Champions League. It is worth noting that the media often accused Emery of defeating PSG, although out of 109 matches under his leadership only 11 were lost.

The head coach of Paris Saint-Germain Unai Emery left the club at the end of the season, as the Parisians are not satisfied with the performances of the team in the Champions League. As reported by RMC, citing sources at the club, the rule of Paris Saint-Germain has already decided who will replace the Spaniard as head coach. However, they do not call a specific name, but exclude several options. According to the source, the next coach of PSG will definitely not be Italian, which excludes Carlo Ancelotti, Antonio Conte (Chelsea) and Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus).

In addition, this coach is busy in another club. Therefore the candidatures of the unemployed Thomas Tuchel and Luis Enrique are also excluded. RMC adds that Diego Simeone (Atlético), Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham) and Sergio Conceição (Porto), who have been linked to the position of the head coach of the PJL in the last few weeks, fall under the criteria.